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Creating this page is a risky endeaver for me because it would appear from the abundance of the below selections that I have quite a problem. And maybe I do. But I don't watch tv unless it's one of "my shows," and I pretty much strictly use Tivo/DVR (yes, I have both. Don't judge.), so that cuts down pretty significantly on couch potato time. If you still think you might recoil upon reading about the multitude of brain cells I fry watching tv, you may want to go read about my dogs. Thank you.

ok then. Glad that's out of the way. Here we go. In order of their time slots during the week, natch.

I only catch about the first 20 minutes before I have to head out in the morning, but I do love it.

Chelsea Lately.
My late night show of choice. Can't believe I didn't catch onto her brilliance sooner.

Gossip Girl.
Guilty pleasure. But actually a smart show.

Dancing with the Stars.
Love it.

Part cop show, part rom-com. I have missed most of this season, so I plan on buying the DVDs the day they come out and having a weekend marathon.

I'm pretty tired of the smoke monster, flashback, sweat-ridden drama, but I'm sticking it out for the last season. And hoping I won't be disappointed with the finale.

Law and Order: SVU.
Love me some Olivia and Elliot.

Modern Family.
Just watched this for the first time, but I love it. Add it to the list.

Parks and Recreation.
I like this so much more this season than last.

The Office.
I went through a slight obsession when I first watched it around season 4. Seasons 2 and 3 are pure gold. Not so magic these days, but I still have to watch.

30 Rock.
Tina Fey is a genius.

Grey's Anatomy.
I still love me some Grey's. Never gets old.

Private Practice.
I get behind a lot, but when I do end up watching it, I kick myself for forgetting how great it is.

Project Runway.
Oh Heidi and Tim.

Ace of Cakes.
I want to be friends with everyone on this show.

The Dog Whisperer.
Ceasar is such a cute little nerd. The dogs like to watch him with me. Wish he'd come to our house.

Live from new york....

And anxiously awaiting the return of...

I'm a gleek.

So You Think You Can Dance. favorite show ever. I'm very nervous about all these changes they're making this year. But still counting down the days.
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