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Books I have read and deemed top-notch.

I'm currently addicted to Chelsea Handler's books. Girl's just as funny in print as on air.

David Sedaris. Equally hilarious and deep.

I didn't see the movie, and I won't because I heard it's completely different from the book. I can't tell you how good this book is. Read it!
I also read Vanishing Acts. Not nearly as good, but I want to try out some more Jodi.

Can't beat a classic John Grisham. The Firm and The Pelican Brief are the best, but also good are The Client, A Time to Kill, The Summons and The Partner.
Worth skipping: The Associate and The Last Juror.

Chick lit at its finest. I've never met an Emily Giffin I didn't love. I save her newest for the beach every year.

Personal essays just may be my favorite genre. This girl is really funny and smart. I loved it. She's about to realease another finally, and hopefully it will live up.
And I just realized the cover image is a mattress. Funny.

Dan Brown books are so captivating and make you feel smarter than you are because he covers complicated topics in a middle school vocab. I have yet to read his newest, but enjoyed all the rest.

Obviously. Come on. It doesn't get any better.

Guilty. They're addicting. What can I say?
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