Thursday, May 20, 2010

in the summertime...

Summer for me officially begins tomorrow as today is my last day at the job!

I'll probably become a little sketchy here in the intrawebs because I'll be diving into work for this.

But I'm also making time for lots of things I haven't been able to do this past year. I'm kicking off the summer with a memorial day week at the beach and then a long weekend in seattle. And I've started to compile a summer bucket list:
  •  I'd like to cross off quite a few things from this list (skydiving and disney {i can dream}, lots of reading {lord of the rings}, volunteer at st. jude, homemade pasta, shooting range).
  • Go to the memphis zoo and see the new teton trek section (I'm gunning to do this one next week).
  • Join the ymca (doing this tomorrow!) and workout every weekday.
  • Spend lots of time with my grandmother (and at her next door neighbor's pool). The job has turned me into a terrible granddaughter.
  • Take lots of little trips to our little house in the country, doing nothing but reading on the boat all day.
  • Try out all the new restaurants on my list.
  • Massive overhaul of all the stuff I have at my mom's house. 90% of it is heading straight to the trash/goodwill (read: clothes from the 10th grade).
  • Cook something with rhubarb. It scares me.
  • Get my patio all finished.
Hope your summers are shaping up to be wonderful, too. I'll pop in here and there over the next few weeks to say hello and make you all jealous with pictures of paradise!

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