Thursday, May 6, 2010

spring cluttering

It's You Capture Day, and the theme is Spring...again! Even though it's felt more like summer around these parts lately. So this post is all about the spring shopping that's been going on. Forget spring cleaning...I'm junking this joint up!

Starting with the patio. I went to Garden Ridge last weekend in search of chaises, but isntead found these chairs for $19 each. Sold.
But I still wanted some chaises. I scoured dozens of websites trying to find what I wanted. But everything either looked cheap or would cost me a kidney. I finally found these with these cushions (the floral) from World Market. They had me with the pull-out tray. Thank you, tax refund check!
I had thought about moving this rug from the living room to the patio (it's an indoor/outdoor), but major clash with the cushions.
So I'm on the hunt for a rug. Possibly this. Thoughts? And I definitely want to add some of these string lights. I have an old marble-top sewing machine table from my grandmother I'll probably use to hold some planters. Then I'll just need to round up a little dining table and a grill. See what I mean about the cluttering? I'm on the fast track to this.

In other junk shopping news, I found these collars on etsy from Coleys Collars. I love that you can get them in a big size with a narrow width. The furballs like em thin. I think Honey's getting the stripes and Sal Pal's getting purple. That pink buckle is my favorite part.

The next two I can get away with on the budget front because I used a gift card I'd been holding onto since Christmas. My overcrowded jewelry holders are not pleased, though. Both from Charlotte Russe:

These came with yellow, too, but they were in my ears. Who you calling lazy?

I swear I'm not a hoarder.


  1. pretty pretty all around. :) Nice find on the chairs

  2. Those chairs are SO awesome!

  3. Love the deals!!!
    I am going to steal those chairs when you go to sleep!!! LOL
    Have a Fabulous Thursday!!!

  4. Those chairs are so fun! I love finding those kinds of deals!

  5. I want those chairs! What a great buy!

  6. Love the yellow chairs! Looks like you had fun Spring shopping.

  7. Definitely might have to go buy those earrings....


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