Friday, May 7, 2010

having a ball {or not}

This yellow child loves her ball. Sometimes we take one to the park to throw for her. She's really great at swimming out to retrieve it.

Sounds great, huh? How easily we forget.
Forget that Honey's "love" for the ball is actually more along the lines of a maniacal obsession.

Forget that Maddi, who doesn't give a rip about the ball, loves to steal it and make Honey jealous. 
And see Sallie's wheels turning?

That was right before she did this. 

We forget that poor Honey has to cling to her ball for dear life. She swims way out to get it, then is attacked as soon as she hits shallow water.

But don't feel too sorry for her. Because she won't bring the stupid thing up on the shore. She drops it in the water. Every. Time. Then whines for you to throw it. We forget about that, too.

We forget that she's recently taken to picking a fight if another dog tries to take her ball. So out of character for miss submissive. This is not good.

This child is the only one who doesn't want anything to do with the ball. But we forget how she loves for the others (and us) to get distracted by it. Perfect diversion while she digs up half the park.

I think the ball is staying at home from now on.

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