Monday, May 3, 2010

stir crazed

My About Me over to the right is a bit of a false advertisement. It says I document my travels, but so far I have not. And that's because my travels came to a grinding halt when I took a desk job back in the fall.

I did the math, and on Sunday, it will have been six months since I have left Memphis. That's got to be a lifetime record.

I'm a roamer. And I was lucky enough in high school and college to get to see much of the world. Below is just a sampling of those excursions.

This sedentary, working girl lifestyle is not cutting it. So in three weeks I'll be leaving behind the 9 to 5 (well, 7:30 to 4:30) for good! I'm changing lanes to make a go at something new. More details on that venture to come.

So you better believe this summer will be a much needed reprieve. I'll be criss crossing the country non-stop. Can't wait!

By the way, all but four of these photos were taken with a point and shoot. See if you can guess which ones. The P&S is a Cannon PowerShot SD500 that I've had for 5 years, and it's still kicking!

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