Monday, May 3, 2010

weekend snaps. 5/3/10

Linking with Six in the City.

It was another nasty wet stormy weekend.

Friday we went to the brother's choir concert. This is the one they all look forward to because they sing pops instead of traditional music. These kids are amazing. They recorded a CD. You should listen. Now that they're done for the year, they are having a guitar hero tournament today. There was serious practicing going on yesterday.

We also ventured out into tornado warnings (they lasted all day) to take the baby to her first training class! She did better than expected.

Sunday the weather finally cleared up, and four little furballs were very glad.


  1. I always love looking at your pics. My favorite is the dog peering at the ice cream. So cute!

  2. Great now I need to go eat some ice cream - LOL

    Looks like you have a fun weekend.


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