Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have a dog named Lilly.

I feel like she doesn't get her share of the spotlight here, so today she's getting her own post. 

She's my rescue baby. She is a true mutt. We know she's part lab and part some kind of terrier, and I think she has some greyhound blood.

She's fast as lightning, digs up molehills at the park and is a swimmer.

She's a cuddler and much prefers people to dogs.

She's camera shy and turns her nose up to it, so I have to catch her in the right mood to get a keeper.

She has to be sedated to have her toenails trimmed, hates baths and has to take meds daily for a pancreatic disorder. Yes, she's high maintenance, and she loves it. She eats like a pig and stays thin as a rail (hence my greyhound theory).

She's one of those rescue dogs that knows she was rescued and says thank you every day with a head on the shoulder or lick on the chin.

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  1. What a sweet story to a sweet photo. You're lucky to have her too.

  2. awww she looks like my lab. Love Labs!

  3. Labs are so sweet! Great shot! :o) She looks very content!

  4. LOL, I have a photo of one of my dogs up today too. Yours looks so sweet and comfy.

  5. awww. labs are the best. such a sweet pic of a very sweet pup. thanks for sharing!

  6. she is cute. even if she is high maintenance!

  7. Lilly is SO pretty. What a gorgeous dog! I just LOVE the picture of her!


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