Friday, March 26, 2010

spring break bitterness

This being my first year as a working girl, it was also my first year ever with no spring break. My family and friends jetted off to Mexico, New York and Florida. Where did I go? Across town to my mom's house to dog sit.

So in lieu of the exciting photos I wish I had of my exciting spring break, I'll relive last year's spring break. Life's not all bad, though. I'll be at the beach two months from now. And it will be warm.

Hope your spring break was/is/will be fun and relaxing!

Linking up with Blessed Moon's Friday Photo Hop.


  1. I remember vividly how hard it was the first few years when the spring and summer would call me to be free and by golly I had to be grown up and responsible!

    I would pine to be young again!

    May fun find you anyway!!

  2. great shots, all of them, but my favorite is your banner!!! it's completely AWESOME! :)
    sorry about the {lack of} spring break... us, too. we took off a few weeks ago to go skiing, so it's a quiet one here.
    thanks for linking up this week! do come back! :)


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