Tuesday, March 16, 2010

life of the party

Since I've gotten into photography, I've spent a considerable amount of time rooting around in attics and rummaging through drawers for old family photos. My dad's mom has stacks and stacks of gems of her and my grandad from when they were newlyweds and about my age - him in the war and her at home waiting for him. I have several enlarged and framed on my mantel and in my dining room. It's one of the first decorating decisions I made.

My mom's mom didn't have such a treasure trove. I found a few photos of when my mom and her siblings were young, but none of my grandmother (Bebe) when she was young. She passed away recently, and as my mom and I were sorting through some of her things this weekend, I made a last ditch effort, methodically going through every closet, every album to uncover some hidden treasures. Buried under a mountain of scarves in the "big den" - isn't it funny how families develop strange names for rooms in their house? We have a "workshop" that's become a playroom but kept the name. Maybe that's just us.

Anyway...this shot is such a treasure! It is her personality to a tee. She always knew how to command a room and was always dressed to the nines. I love that this looks like it could be ripped from Vogue today. Wish I could find that dress and bag. Needless to say, I'm making a trip to Wolf this weekend to blow this baby up.

60 years later with her boyfriend John. Still the life of the party.

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