Monday, March 22, 2010

Wide Angle Weekend

Finally got my 20mm lens, so bear with me if I go a little overboard with the wide angle.

The yard is at last leaf-free.

Friday night dinner in Harbor Town.

We ate outside and watched the sun set.

John Mayer. Boy was amazing!

He may be a jerk, but he sure can give a good show.

We were sad Memphis lost, but glad Kansas did, too.

Perfect park day.

We're glad it's spring!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Such fun shots. Now I need to take your lead and de-leaf my yard. ;)

  2. I love your puppies! I'm suck a sucker for dogs.

    Love the wide-angle lens, too. I've got my eye on the 24mm prime, too!

  3. lol! um... such.

    and i'm such an awesome typist, too.


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