Tuesday, March 16, 2010

love at first bite

I picked up my goods from Muddy's today, and they did not disappoint.

Wow. I told them to surprise me with an assortment from the case, and I'm having trouble deciding which to devour first. That orange beauty front and center is in the lead. There's also a carrot cake that's hiding out in the back right corner that is a close second. Who ever decided to put carrots in cake anyway? Whoever it was is one smart kid. They are just the taste of spring.

Moving along to the main attraction. Drumroll...

There she is. Mrs. Cocoa Chanel herself. I had barely set my camera down before I had hacked into her with a knife. I would have taken a picture of the glorious inside, but my pie cutting skills leave much to be desired. Here's Muddy's photo, but even it doesn't do this justice. The crust is so buttery and not dry at all, and the filling reminds me of brownie batter but smoother. It's rich for sure, but plays well against the savory crust. I'm usually not a pie person, but this looker won me over.

Here are the stickers. They turned out great!

Thanks Muddy's!

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