Tuesday, March 23, 2010

progression of car ride misbehavior

Car rides with Honey are stressful. She tends to hop incessantly from the back seat to the "very back," whining like mad. While my mom drives, I have to keep my arm glued to her headrest, creating a fence to keep Honey from barreling up front. (We've tried those guard things. She chews right through them.)

She's just so excited, she can't be controlled. And she gnaws on the nearest thing in sight. Hopefully that will be the tennis ball we remembered to bring, but if not, it's a leash, a towel or a seat belt (yes, we had to have it replaced) The other three sit perfectly still and quiet while the queen has a raging nervous fit.

One of the rare moments of stillness. She had probably spotted another dog.

On the way back, we get a little lax. She's tired and much calmer. But also sopping wet. She knows just how to work us to let her slowly inch her way up front.

Pushing the limits.

And she wins. By this point, my arm is soaking and we've shifted into neutral a time or two. The horn may have been honked accidentally.

But it's worth it for a night of this:

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