Wednesday, April 7, 2010

terrorizing the park

I'm linking this to You Capture this week. The theme is comfort, which seems a far cry from watching your dogs misbehave. But, really, anything involving them is comforting. It's a stretch, but there ya go.


Lovely day at the park, right?

Wait a minute. Let's zoom in.

That would be Lilly. Frantically digging. Terrorizing the park's permanent residents. 

It's that terrier blood. Hank says we could get kicked out of the park if we are harming the wildlife, but she hasn't actually ever caught anything, so I guess we're innocent enough.

And look at that. She's corrupted Honey and Maddi, who never were diggers before miss lil came along.

And Sallie too? This is bad.

And once they start, they are in the zone, tuning out the outside world. And us screaming at them to stop.

Then she runs over all innocently with that little dirt-covered nose.

I'm onto you, missy.


  1. Oh but she looks so cute!! I love her face. I take comfort in that sweet face. :)

  2. haha- this gave me my first laugh of the day :)

  3. How funny! I love that dirt on the nose!

  4. How funny -Great photos !
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  5. this is funny. looks like all the dogs in the park were in on it!


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