Wednesday, April 21, 2010

fireworks success = sweet

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This winter, I read quite a few articles and blogs about shooting fireworks. Friday night at the Redbirds game was my first shot to test out my new knowledge.

One hiccup. Every one of those article says a nonnegotiable in fireworks shooting is a tripod. Something I don't have yet. Something even if I did have, I probably would not want to haul to a baseball game.

So I took the camera and the lenses anyway and planned to wing it. The show started, and I tried resting the camera on an unsteady rail, producing shaky images at best.

Then I sat down. The bottom of two fence rails and the ground ended up making a perfect stabilizer. I could leave the shutter open as long as I wanted, and I got sharp shots.

Then at the end I started to play. Swirling and swaying the camera while the shutter was open. So much fun.

So my reaction to my first fireworks photoshoot was "Sweet." Can't wait to try again. Who needs a tripod?


  1. my first fireworks shoot I didn't have a tripod either and my shots turned out incredibly clear. Sometimes you just don't need to follow the rules... ;)

  2. Use whatever works! Those came out very cool!!

  3. Wow!! These are spectacular! I love the last one - you did a great job capturing the 'motion' of the light!

  4. lol - i totally thought you were talking about shooting off the fireworks as opposed to photographing them. nice shots.

  5. Those are wonderful shots! Sweet!

  6. very cool! and i love that you put them all in a collage...good idea!

  7. These are beautiful! I love, love, love the very last one.

  8. Oh fun! What a creative take on sweet. I think taking pictures in general is sweet!

  9. AWESOME pics! They're amazing...I'll have to experiment this year. :-)


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