Tuesday, April 20, 2010

little miss snoot

Linking up with Sweet Shot Day at m3b.

Last week Liz at Mabel's House posted this photo and I became slightly obsessed with trying to replicate it.

I mean isn't that Mabel just precious looking so curiously at that...uhhh....what are those weed things called?

Anyway, my yard is brimming with them (please excuse the marsh of weeds overtaking the patio. They have since been addressed).

Me: Maddi, Come over here. Sniff this weed for a sec.

Maddi: No thanks. I'm busy.

Me: Come on, Maddi. See, it kind of looks like a marshmallow.

Maddi: (ears perk) Huh? (cautiously saunters over)

Maddi: You know good and well that is no marshmallow. Nor are you harboring a treat in your hand. You're dreaming, sister. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to bark at the neighbors.

Me: Fine Maddi, be a snoot. I can get a great shot without you!


  1. Love this dandelion shot, with the fluff starting to fly. The header shot is amazing too. Stopped by from Sweet Shot. I love Meg's blog whatever too!

  2. Oh my... How I love this shot. Such a great one. did you make a wish??? :)

  3. Love the pix! I also adore your puppy shot up top. Oh, my dear I just wanted to pet his wittle head.

  4. adorable! :)


  5. love the flare on the last one!


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