Thursday, April 29, 2010

three for your thursday

It's You Capture day! The theme is spring. This post is on the disjointed side, but it's springy enough I think.

1. I know the interwebs are probably way sick of Honey this week. But she is the best model of the four, and I keep finding another shot I like more than the last from the weekend. And I can't keep all that cuteness to myself.

So much fun to shoot them in the pretty spring weather. Can you believe that big girl was this little girl a year and a half ago? I can't. 

2. These are my new favorite shoes. They're just 16 smacks from Old Navy, and I think I'm going to have to get some more. But I can't decide which color. I was thinking that rusty red that's already sold out online. Might have to hunt around this weekend.

3. I'm a little hung up on shooting the sun straight on and out of focus. Feels like summer. Just have to be sure not to expose on the sun. Learned the hard way that creates nothing but a dark mess.

I love Thursdays. Good tv night (Parks and Rec, Office, 30 Rock, Grey's, Private Practice. whew.). And on Thursdays you can see the light at the end of the tunnel that is the weekend! Have a happy one!


  1. Cute puppy! :D

    I love your sun shot, too.

  2. Cool shoes! They had some ones kind of like that at Urban Outfitters too.

  3. love the shoes! and my favorite color too!

  4. Cute puppy & shoes! Great capture!

  5. Love the first shot! Those are cool shoes:)


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