Friday, April 23, 2010

fix it friday, vol. 4

It's a fun one this week. Great picture to start with. Just made a few adjustments to make it really pop.



What I did:
  • levels
  • brightness/contrast
  • bumped up saturation slightly on entire image, then deselected face and increased more
  • warmed up slightly in color balance
  • increased highlights on teeth to whiten
  • dodged forehead and eye area to lessen shadows
  • eyes: dodged all, burned pupils, edges and eyelashes. dodged under eyes. bumped up saturation and sharpened.
  • clone stamp to erase snowflake on jacket
  • unsharp mask
  • cropped
More editing than I would normally do, but I get a little carried away on fix it friday!

Have a great weekend...Hope the storms stay away from your neck of the woods, as Al would say.


  1. Wow!! You did an awesome job! Her eyes really stand out now! Hope to 'see you' at my blog--I've participated as well!


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