Wednesday, April 21, 2010

you need to make this

Sometimes you just want a burger. A burger covered in good ole processed American cheese and caramelized onions.

Where the meat is seasoned just right with S & P, garlic and worcestershire. Seasoned so well you don't want to put any condiments on the bun to get in the way of those flavors.

Just let the onions go with some butter and evoo in a skillet while you cook the burger in a grill pan. This is mine, and I love it.

Flip, add cheese and onions, and you have a winner.

It's even better with some homemade fries. Just divide into even, thin slices, coat in S&P and whatever else you feel like (I used paprika and a little chicken seasoning I think) and bake 30-45 mins, or until crispy.

Quit begging, Maddi. Not attractive. You know you're going to get a bite eventually, so there's no need for all that.

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